Hello fellow shitty/novice vegans! 

This is important information. If you’ve seen these in the grocery store and passed by them as I have so many times, thinking “Oh those will be weird and not good for eating,” you need to STOP. They’re DELICIOUS.

I got some for cheap when the Stop&Shops in my area closed, and they sat in the fridge for a while before I tried them because I was still worried. Man I was fucking surprised. You’d think I would trust Tofurky, I mean they’re basically what the general public thinks of when you even mention vegetarianism (“o u gonna eat a tofurky fr thnxgivin EW”, they might say).

They’re delicious. And not super expensive. And you can make sandwiches. And there’s actually a lot in each pack! And their texture is great! BUY SOME.

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